July 10, 2020
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FAQ – Frequently Ask Questions

  1. Q - How often can I advertise myself?
    A – You can advertise yourself only once per day. However if there is a misuse of this facility we can withhold your advertisement.
  2. Q – Do I have to re-register again everytime I advertise here?
    A – Yes
  3. Q – If my resume has been submitted to your company already, do I have to re-register here to advertise myself?
    A – Yes
  4. Q - Do I have to pay your Company any fees, now or later?
    A – No
  5. Q – If I have found a job already, can my advertisement be deleted from here?
    A – Yes, send an email to the respective branch
  6. Q – If I live in location A presently and want a job in another location B, what do I do?
    A – Under “Location you live in” fill in A/B
  7. Q – If I live in a location and want to relocate to a job under another of your branch location, what do I do?
    A – Contact the branch in the location you want to relocate to
  8. Q – If I am a Malaysian and want to find a job in Singapore , what do I do?
    A – Contact our Singapore office, but note that you should first enquire about your work permit eligibility from the Singapore Ministry
  9. Q – Can I advertise here on behalf of my friend or relative?
    A – No